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Spring 2023

Spring 2023

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Duos & Collaborations. A 100-page JAZZIZ special edition bookazine titled "Duos and Collaborations" takes readers on an enchanting journey into the realm of musical partnerships. Revealing stories and reviews, stunning artwork, and photography, this methodically crafted publication delves into the rich tapestry of collaborative efforts throughout music history. From iconic duos that shaped genres to unexpected collaborations that pushed artistic boundaries, "Duos and Collaborations" captures the magic and chemistry that arises when two talented musicians join forces. To further enhance the experience, the companion editor-curated Duos & Collaborations audiophile CD and 180g vinyl LP showcase an exquisite selection of tracks handpicked from the bookazine, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the harmonious synergy created by these remarkable musical unions. This comprehensive package celebrates the transformative power of collaboration and is a must-have for music enthusiasts seeking to explore the interplay and creativity that arises when great minds and talents converge.

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